A “New” Turtle Shell

Today I paid a thousand dollars for a 1976 Dodge Bougham motor home from a young park ranger in Huntsville, Utah, and walked away with a dream. One more thing I can cross off of my bucket list.

Tomorrow, it goes to the shop to get the vacuum seals replaced, and then I can get it passed for emissions. Yes, it’s a piece of crap, but it’s my piece of crap, and I can’t wait to start making it my own.

It’s a bittersweet acquisition, given that it’s a dream that my husband and I share, and he has chosen not to be here with me. But it’s also kind of poetic; the motor home is the same age that he is, and I get to rip its guts out and rebuild it into something new, without judgment. All of the disappointment, hurt and anger welling up within me can be poured into creating a new “home” within the shell of the old.

It’s a good project for me. No rent, no house payments, no major bills but gas, oil changes and new tires.

I think I’m going to gypsify it. And it needs a name. It seriously needs a name. I’ll make a short video of it tomorrow,  and we’ll come up with a name. And maybe some new dreams.

In the meanwhile, I’m kind of distracted from the idea of killing myself today. It’s a good thing.

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