Where to Find My Work (It’s Not Patreon)

Last year, some friends convinced me that I needed to start a Patreon page to earn some bank with the stuff I do. Not long afterward, I read the terms of service for Patreon and became uncomfortably disconcerted. You see, I’m a diehard, firmly-rooted anti-feminist, classically-feminine-lover-of-Real-Men-Who-Are-Masculine-As-Shit, unabashed proponent of the imaginary patriarchy (DOWN WITH NOW & NARAL!), totally anarchist, fiscally conservative, socially liberal, anti-war, womb-to-tomb prolife, progressive-despising, homeschool-championing, anti-establishment, moderate-trad Catholic Distributist, pro-Weed/anti-Big Pharma, D&D dice-tossing, Barefoot-in-the-Kitchen-and-loving-it, ultra-crunchie, tie-dye-wearing, long skirt-flaunting, organic-gardening, moonshine-making, slingshot-hunting, shameless meat-eating unwashed hippie (who usually ends up voting Republican, sadly), reasonably convinced of aliens, moonlanding skeptic, climate-change-denier with absolutely NO respect for corporate authority, The Government, liars, or con-artists who has a big mouth and zero filter (it’s just not possible, I’ve tried…repeatedly). Half the shit I love and firmly believe in is illegal or, at the very least, morally questionable to varying circles of teetotalling fundamentalist psychos. And half the shit I say makes at least one person cry…every time. Last week, someone called me “Bambi with a Bazooka.” I like that. It fits…I need to trademark it. But my personality, beliefs and my penchant for telling the unvarnished truth with absolutely zero regard for spineless, mewling persons causes serious trouble for me. I’ve been in Facebook jail over the years more times than I can count; Libtards, FemiNazis, hipsters and snot-nosed millenial snowflakes who think they know shit freak out and start screaming for the hall monitor when I tell them that their version of “reality” is psychotic bullshit. And, quite frankly, I just think that social media is emotionally and physically exhausting, not to mention spiritually vacuous; if it weren’t for the fact that all my photos are there and it takes so much time to move them, I’d already have deleted every account.

Patreon and Twitter have become like Facebook, run on despicable predatory advertising, Socialist models of censorship, group-think and neighbour watchdog reporting policies of renegade terror; GOD forbid that anyone have an insightful opinion that differs from the consensus of Ye Ol’ Hive. Well, I ain’t a worker bee, Borgeans! I’m a princess, a daughter of the King. If you don’t like my spoken thoughts, then get bent…and suspend my account. Or, in the case of Patreon, delete all of my content without warning or recourse. Dammit. …Not a good plan.

This is the scenario I was looking at before I became too seriously invested in posting anything substantive to my new Patreon page, and it bothered me deeply enough to lose sleep over. I don’t deal with change well, anyway. When I start a project, I expect it to go on forever. I also expect to find my shit where I left it, not wake up to learn that some uppity little thought terrorist with a mouse clicker decided that my position on making your own medicine, booze, butchered chickens or [insert activity here] at home was so “offensive” or “threatening” to the weak-minded masses of consumerist sheeple that it needed to be erased and banned from public view post haste! So, I’ve been searching for an alternative, and I think I’ve found it.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and his buddies are launching a new platform this month, and guess who’s on it? Stay tuned for details….

Edit: there’s also a sad little problem with the way patrons and fees are now being handled. If you’d like to read the scoop on that trouble, lookie here:


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